Embrace Your Weird Beard this Winter

_Images_Articles__3978_Beard-InfoMost men say their facial hair defines them, according to a recent survey conducted by Schick Hydro. However, 72 percent of men have experienced facial hair growing woes, such as patchy chin growth.

In addition to being beard-challenged, men are also bullied, with over half of men surveyed admitting to poking fun at friends who can’t grow a proper beard, referring to them as “not manly enough.”

Whether you have patches or triple-colored whiskers, confidence is key during peak beard growing season.

With the right tools, such as the ergonomically designed Schick Hydro 5 Groomer that has a razor on one end and adjustable power trimmer on the other, you can shave, hydrate, edge and trim your weird beard into a winter work of art.