Counterfeit Bills Spent In Local Businesses

Several counterfeit bills have turned up in Sylvester at four locations: a counterfeit $50.00 bill was passed to a Pizza Hut delivery person out in eastern Worth County; a $100.00 fake bill was passed at Advance Auto; a $100.00 fake bill was passed at the Goody’s; and a $20.00 bill was passed at Sylvester City Hall. All of this took place between August 14 and August 18. Sylvester Police are asking all businesses to keep a watch out for fake counterfeit bills. If you receive one, remember the date and time that someone may have passed it to you. Hopefully you will have a video of the transaction.

Sylvester Police are on the lookout for a tall slender black male, age range from 20 to 30 years of age, who is a person of interest in this case. The U.S. Secret Service has been contacted to assist in this case. The bills will be turned over the Secret Service for further analyses. If anyone has any information in reference to who passed the bills, they are asked to contact the Sylvester Police Department at 776-8219-776-8500 or Albany crime stoppers at 436-TIPS.Money