Former Worth Softball Coach Seeks Help to Provide a Stable Home for Two Students

Former Worth County Softball Coach Suzanne Kluball is seeking help to provide a stable home for two young men. While Kluball is a Valdosta native, she coached in Worth County for three years before returning to Lowndes Middle School to serve as a coach in their softball program.

According to the coach, “Two years ago, two boys, cousins, showed up in my Physical Education Class. I learned they were born in America during their early years. Then they returned to Guatemala for several years with their parents. Their mothers remain in Guatemala. One boy’s father has passed away. The other young man’s father lives in Guatemala.”

Coach Klu says she noticed they were very good soccer players, so she reached out to their guardian, a brother and an uncle, and the young men were allowed to play soccer. The guardian has done a great job parenting both young men, but he has his own family now.

Furthermore, the coach explains, “Over the years, I have built a relationship with these boys, their guardian, as well as their families in Guatemala. Both boys are very intelligent. They are working diligently to master the English language so that they can be successful in their academic studies. These boys are respectful and display excellent manners. In addition, they are both young men of character. They are humble and are very appreciative of any kindness bestowed upon themselves.”

Now, Kluball seeks to adopt the boys and provide them with a stable home. Their family in Guatemala and in the USA has given their blessing. The boys will still be involved with their family. And, in fact, their family members want them to have the best life possible. Suzanne and the boys’ families will work together to do just that!

The former Worth Coach has set up a GoFundMe account to help with the attorney fees associated with this process. According to Kluball, “Recently, I met with a lawyer. I need your help. Would you be willing to help me by making a donation which will be used for attorney fees so that I can adopt boy boys? These boys need US, not just me, but their entire family here and in Guatemala, and I believe God is calling me to be just that, their Mama in the US.”

For more information, or if you would like to contribute to her effort to adopt these young men, please visit