Health Department/Phoebe Worth Partnership Benefits Adults With Hypertension and Diabetes

SWGA Health DistrictThe Adult Health Services Program at Worth County Health Department – made possible through the Phoebe Worth Indigent Care Trust Fund – allows financially at-risk county residents with diabetes and high blood pressure to get the medications they need.
“This program is easy to access and won’t require anyone to give up their regular physician,” said Worth County Health Department County Nurse Manager Gina Connell. “All you have to do is come by the health department and we’ll give you a form to take to your physician to be signed. When you contact us, we’ll explain how we will jointly manage your care with your physician, and what medications we will provide.”
Connell stressed that the program is for residents of Worth County only. “You cannot cross county lines to take advantage of this program,” she said. “You have to live in Worth County.”
The Adult Services Program assists adults with hypertension and diabetes, not other chronic diseases, she said.
“Our community is extremely fortunate to have Phoebe Worth’s support,” Connell said. “If it wasn’t for our local hospital’s funding, our community wouldn’t have this program. Its loss would have a negative impact on the overall health status of Worth County. Please help ensure those who can benefit from it take advantage of it.”
More information is available by calling the health department at 777-2150.