My Hero, My Granddaughter

This particular Sunday morning began like most Sundays at our home with one exception, our granddaughter Eden Young, was visiting with us. She had a beautiful new dress from her daddy that she wanted to wear to Sunday School and church. My husband Joey left earlier in the morning to go to work with the Albany Fire Department.

I told Eden that I was having a bad migrane, but I was still trying to get ready. Then, all at once, the room felt like it was spinning around and around. I felt light headed, and my head hurt so badly. I called out to Eden and told her to call Papa Joey and tell him something was happening to Mimi. I remember her saying, “Okay, Mimi,” as she ran to get her phone.

As I fell to the bathroom floor, my head hit the corner of the sink counter and my head began to bleed a lot, and I couldn’t speak. But, Eden was already calling for help. The first person she called was her Great-grandma Carolyn Jolly. She also called 911.

Now, as you can imagine, everybody was on their way to our house! My mama, Carolyn Jolly, my daughter, April Young, my sister, Susan Davidson, and an ambulance were all on the way. I was taken to Phoebe Putney Hospital in Albany where I spent my first two days in the ICU. The doctors determined I had suffered TIA (a mini stoke) that Sunday morning.

So you see, I do have a hero, and her name is Eden Elizabeth Young. I am always telling Eden I love her to the moon and back, and she recently replied, “Well Mimi, I love you through the whole universe and back!”

Eden was only nine-years-old when the incident happened. She just turned 10 on April 8, 2015. Eden and her daddy, Russ, spent Easter with us and we had a wonderful time.

Eden is the daughter of Russ Young (Michelle) and Julie Slappy. Her grandparents are Emily Thompson (Joey), Walt Young (Tracy), and the late Jerry and Wanda Slappy. Her Great-grandparents are Carolyn Jolly and the late Thomas Jolly, Walter and Jane Young, and the late John and Flora McLemore. Eden has a four-year-old sister, Merry Hadley Young.

10-year-old Eden Young may have saved her grandmother’s life last year by thinking fast and getting help.

10-year-old Eden Young may have saved her grandmother’s life last year by thinking fast and getting help.