Recall Committee Holds Meeting

Friday, November 1, 2013 may have brought a rainy afternoon and evening but that didn’t keep concerned citizens of Worth County from coming to hear what was said from the recall committee meeting at the Worth County Community Center.
Mike Shivoc, Chairman for the Recall Committee, Bill Cash and Rob Clem were present to present information for the citizens and to answer any questions. They were also there to acquire petition signatures to recall the Chairman for the Worth County Board of Commissioners, Mike Cosby.
Mr. Shivoc opened the meeting by thanking everyone for coming out in the rainy weather. He voiced his appreciation for the community that wants to hear why Cosby should be recalled.
Cash began the meeting by discussing things that had been occurring by the chairman outside of board meetings. He explained to the crowd that no one has the authority to fire a commissioner or a chairman; therefore, in order to remove one, they have to be recalled.  He voiced that in order to recall the chairman, 3,500 signatures of registered voters must be obtained.
One point of interest presented to the audience was meeting minutes of the January 17, 2013 meeting. Originally the typed minutes of the meeting totaled 20 pages. Minutes of meetings are a permanent official record. After the minutes were reviewed and approved by the board,  Cosby reportedly reduced the minutes to six page. According to other commissioners, this was done without their knowledge.  Once minutes are approved by the board, nothing is to be changed. “What gave him the right to change the minutes,” asked Mr. Cash, “and what did he feel needed to come out of the minutes?”
Another reported incident involved Cosby visiting different public offices in Worth County, including Public Works, the jail and the E911 center. These visits were conducted without notifying any department heads. When he made his rounds to the E911 center, he was not allowed entrance. In the E911 center there are confidential records that the GCIC (Georgia Crime Information Center) does not allow people to view without a background check, finger prints and they must attend classes with GCIC. Cosby stated as chairman it was his right and to get things accomplished, he needed unrestricted access and should not be refused.
“Why would he refuse to go in with someone from GBI,” questioned Bill Cash. “He is no different from anyone when it comes to rules.”
Other things discussed included the firing of the E911 Director for a Facebook posting, but later advising her the termination was because Georgia is an “at will” state. Mr. Cash stated it appeared to him this termination was retaliation for not allowing him access to the E911 center. Mr. Cash also informed the crowd it was reported Cosby made a statement to some employees at times,  “Don’t forget I sign your paycheck.”
Mr. Cash referred to the incident of the firemen gear mentioned several times in the media. He said he wanted the community to know that he checked personally himself to see what exactly was happened with the equipment. According to Cash, Cosby had Capt. Ray Salter hold off on ordering the equipment because free equipment would be coming from New Jersey.
Mr. Cash spoke to New Jersey Public Works and they confirmed they have never heard of Worth County or  Mike Cosby and furthermore stated to Mr. Cash if they had free equipment to give away, they would be keeping their own equipment.
Another important matter  discussed by Cash was the supplying of county vehicles to the commissioners for trips. According to Cash, Cosby has being using his own so that his wife could accompany him. Mr. Cash did not voice concern over that, but stated he felt it was wrong for Cosby to turn in his mileage for reimbursement. “The county has to reimburse at 40 cents a mile,” stated Cash, “so why should the county pay for him to take his personal vehicle when he could take a county one?”  Mr. Cash feels the county should not have to reimburse him mileage.
Closing the meeting, Cash stated he had nothing personal against Cosby and that he had “facts” to prove everything he had just discussed.