January 2015 Grand Jury List

Date to Report: January 12, 2015 at 9:30 a.m.




Jury service is one of the highest duties of citizenship. It will give you an opportunity to learn about Worth County’s system of justice. While it may require some adjustment of your normal schedule and routine to serve as a juror, the judges hope that any inconvenience will be minimal and they thank you, in advance, for your sacrifice and effort.



Please use good judgment and report to jury duty properly dressed. Shorts, miniskirts, tee shirts, tank tops are INAPPROPRIATE ATTIRE.



Computers, cellular phones and pagers are not permitted in the courtrooms or jury deliberation rooms. No radios.


Mona D. Powell

Britanie Liane Easom

April Brooke Crenshaw

Tina Kay Sanders

Christopher Zell Grant

John David Wright

Ashley Renee Bennett

Ollie M. Burley

Azael Garza

Stacy Roger Collins

Jasper Wayne Wellman

Glenda F. Birdashaw

Gary L. Summerlin

Carolyn Sizemore Foley

Kimberly Dawn Merritt

Jeanell Octavious Pollard

Teresa Juanita Cannon

Christine Robin Campbell

Richard Hugh Lamb

Ben Thomas Ambrose III

Jenna Clair Smith

Marsha Maureen Hickox

Bobby Willis

Gloria Sue O’Boyle

Shannon Dale Patterson

Sylvia Christina Toneygay

Carolyn Johnson

Eddie D Williams

Charlie Harp III

Larry Gregory Crocker

Linda Willis Medders

Chelsea Nichole Whitehead

Priscilla Polite-Jackson

Ronald Webb

Charly Nicole Hathcock

Ervin Eugene Hall, Jr.

Jincy Nella Lee

Christopher Michael Hunt

Harold R Crutchfield

Linda Kappert

Terry Lew Atkinson

Christopher Clyd Stilwell

Terri Clayton Faircloth

Michael Bernarda Hammock

Hannah H. Cravey

Cher Ching Melvin

Tom William Atkinson

Mary Elizabeth Griffin

Camryn Jahmal Burks

Michael D. Morris