Misuse of 911 Results in Citation

Mackey Ray Jenkins Jr., 31, has been given a citation for making false reports to a 911 dispatcher after an incident that occurred at Jenkins’ home on Tuesday, April 9th. Jenkins called the E911 center from his home at 122 Jog Road to report he locked his keys inside his house and was unable to get into the residence. He also stated there were two pots that had been left on top of the stove, and they were at risk for possibly boiling over or catching fire.
Once firemen reached the scene, they came upon Jenkins calmly sitting beneath a tree in the yard. He eventually admitted there was nothing cooking atop the stove and that in fact he had locked his keys inside his vehicle and  hoped the fire department could help him retrieve them. Upon realizing there was no danger of a fire, Lt. Casey Chapman explained to Jenkins he would have to call a locksmith and tried to alert him to the fact that he had just made a false report.
A deputy sheriff was dispatched to the area where Jenkins was eventually cited for his call to 911. Sheriff Jeff Hobby was very disappointed about the incident and stated that “it’s important for people to know that they cannot misuse our E911 call center because not only is it a waste of our taxpayer money but it also prevents our officers from being available for other emergencies.”
Making false reports can result in 12 months confinement in county jail or a $1,000 fine. In an update to the story, Mackey Jenkins was pulled over on May 11 during a routine traffic stop. The attending officer noticed the vehicle strongly smelled of marijuana and after conducting a search the officer found small baggies in the door pocket of the vehicle. Jenkins was immediately arrested and charged with possession of less than an ounce of marijuana. Jenkins was released on bond.