October is National Arts & Humanities Month

October, which is National Arts & Humanities Month, serves as an excellent reminder of the benefits the arts can bring to communities and individuals.

Here are a few ways you can celebrate:

• Attend a concert: Whether it’s a jazzy night club, a local rock concert or a symphony orchestra, there’s no substitute for live music.

• Visit a gallery: Check out what is current at your local galleries. Many host special talks and tours to help viewers get a deeper appreciation for the arts.

• Put on a play: “Family drama” isn’t usually a pleasing word combination. But during National Arts & Humanities Month, it can take on a whole new meaning. Let children write and direct their own play. Set up a small “theater” in your living room and invite a few friends over to watch.

To learn more or find events near you, visit www.americansforthearts.org.

In our busy lives, arts appreciation sometimes gets the short shrift. This October, make yourself better acquainted with happenings in your community.