WCES 5th Graders Love BUGs

5th grade students at Worth County Elementary School love BUGs now that our local Kiwanis Club has started a new program at the school called Bring Up Grades or as the student’s know it the BUG program.

The principal of WCES, Dr. Steven Rouse, Mrs. Karen Rackley, Mr. Jay Crowe, and Mr. Kyle Tomlinson (all members of our local Kiwanis Club) met with students last Friday to explain the program and to offer words of encouragement to the participating students.

Each grading period 5 students from every 5th grade classroom are selected by their teachers to participate in the 9 week program.  Each student sets a goal of making the WCES Honor Roll for the current 9 week grading period.  Students are then continuously encouraged by their teachers and local Kiwanis members to study hard and to complete all assignments as they work towards making the 9 weeks Honor Roll.

Bring Up Grade recipients are placed on the BUG Honor Roll and receive an award certificate at a ceremony hosted by our local Kiwanis Club.  Students that earn their way on to the BUG Honor Roll will receive a Honor Roll magnet, 30 WCES Ram Bucks, 2 free ice cream passes, and a BUG T-shirt.  Students will also be invited to an end of the year party where a drawing will be help for awesome prizes such as bicycles, basketball goals, etc.

“The beauty of the BUG program is that it encourages students to focus on making one small accomplishment at a time,” says Kiwanis Kids program coordinator Lisa Pyron.   “When a child reaches his/her self determined goal, it promotes a sense of accomplishment which motivates them to continue achieving.”

Dr. Rouse adds, “I am really excited about the partnership between WCES and the Kiwanis Club.  Kiwanis is a great organization and I am happy that they have chosen to get involved at WCES with their BUG Progam.”


L to R: Steven Rouse, Jay Crowe, Karen Rackley, Kyle Tomlinson